WP2 – Paleoenvironmental reconstruction

Lacustrine cores from the large study area covering both Mediterranean and Alpine ecosystems will be considered for paleoecological analysis. Studies will focus on the time span between Heinrich Event 5 to 3, known for their strong impact both in Mediterranean and Alpine Europe.

High-resolution pollen analysis will be carried out on a reference core from northern Italy (Lake Fimon). Detailed paleoecological records from the Balkan Peninsula (Lake Ioannina, Tzedakis et al., 2002; Lake Ohrid, Sadori et al., 2015) will be considered for climate and ecological interpretations. Pollen, macrocharcoal and phytoliths will also be analysed from cave infills. Paleoecological information will help envisaging the landscape structure, the natural resources and climate at the time of the Paleolithic occupation and immigration of AMH into Europe.

Research Team and Collaborators involved in WP2:

Federica Badino

Cesare Ravazzi

Roberta Pini