Dear Colleagues,
we regret to draw your kind attention on a journal article on the Uluzzian techno-complex that is currently circulating on the internet (title “The Uluzzian beyond the known. From the research history to the basis that define the very nature of this techno-complex”). This paper was published online on 21/11/2017 against the authors’ will by the journal “Anthropology Open Access” (Gavin Publishers Editorial Group, which is frequently listed in the web among potential online predatory publishers).
We would like to ask you not to download and – especially – not to reference the above mentioned article. We are currently taking legal action for having it removed from the internet.
The actual scientific paper is currently undergoing revision in a fully indicized (Isi and Scopus), peer-reviewed international journal. You can download the PRE-PRINTS in the Publication section of this website.