XXIII AAI Conference – Padova, 4-6 September 2019

Dr Eugenio Bortolini presenting “assessing biological and cultural admixture in the Etruscan-Celtic population of Monterenzio Vecchio and Monte Bibele (Bologna-Italy) @AAI2019 @eu_bortolini
Dr Gregorio Oxilia presenting “Earliest evidence of Focal Cemento-Osseous Dysplasia in the Late Upper Palaeolithic” @ AAI 2019 – Padua



Dr Rita Sorrentino presenting “The modern human talus affected by cultural and behavioral factors”.

Meeting “Ambiente ed archeologia dei Colli Berici e delle Valli di Fimon”, 1st March 2019, Padova

The Berici Hills and, in particular the Fimon Valleys, represent an extraordinary archive of the Late Pleistocene environmental, climate and Middle to Late Palaeolithic human history in north-eastern Italy. The multidisciplinary nature of this meeting promoted knowledge exchange between humanities and other scientific domains (e.g., geology, archaeology, paleoecology, zooarchaeology).