6) Grotta Uluzzo C

Grotta Carlo Cosma or Uluzzo C (40° 9’27.84″N 17°57’35.34″E), Apulia, is one of the sites of the Uluzzo bay and it is located just in front of the famous Grotta del Cavallo, where Homo sapiens associated with Uluzzian techno-complexes were found (Benazzi et al., 2011).

The site was discovered during surveys from the IIPP 8IStituto Itliano di Preistoria e Protostoria) and originally excavated by Edoardo Borzatti (Borzatti von Lowerstern, 1965; 1966; Borzatti von Lowerstern and Magaldi, 1966). The Archaeological sequences goes from Mousterien to Bronze Age, passing by Uluzzian and Epigravettian.  The new research in Uluzzo C are co directed by Enza E. Spinapolice and S. Benazzi in the frame of the SUCCESS Project.

The target is to build a reliable chronological and geological setting for the layers including the Final Mousterian and the Uluzzian, with the aim to best fit the new and old excavated materials into the broader discussion about the Transition.

Moreover, a complete study of the archaeological materials from the previous excavation is ongoing. For its location, the completeness of the stratigraphy, and the abundance of the archaeological record, Uluzzo C has the potential to become a reference site for the Transition in Italy.